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1000 Ideas for Your Bucket List

  1. Kiss passionately in the pouring rain
  2. Get married in Vegas
  3. Get married and really mean it
  4. Give a speech at a friend’s wedding
  5. Climb a mountain
  6. Swim with whale sharks
  7. Spend a week camping
  8. See the northern lights
  9. Go on safari
  10. Have a threesome
  11. Eat dinner with an Italian family in Italy
  12. Have a beer with one of my heroes
  13. Live like a king in Dubai
  14. Go sky-diving
  15. Take a pretty girl out to dinner and a show on Broadway
  16. Visit Auschwitz
  17. Visit Stone Henge
  18. Publish a novel
  19. Volunteer abroad
  20. Go dog-sledding
  21. Spend a night in a yurt on the Mongolian steppes
  22. Visit Pripyat
  23. Celebrate New Year’s in NYC
  24. Have a White Christmas
  25. Attend Oktoberfest
  26. Serenade somebody
  27. Perform live stand up
  28. Learn to sail
  29. Spend ANZAC Day in Gallipoli
  30. Attend a mass at St. Peter’s
  31. See Australia play in the FIFA World Cup
  32. Attend a beach party with a bonfire
  33. Attend a boat party
  34. Swim in an isolated canyon or gorge
  35. Visit Antarctica
  36. Have a mojito and a cigar in Cuba
  37. Attend Carnaval in Brazil
  38. Attend Mardi Gras in New Orleans
  39. Explore the Florida Everglades
  40. Celebrate Diwali in India
  41. Celebrate Holi in India
  42. Attend Burning Man
  43. Celebrate the Day of the Dead in Mexico
  44. Celebrate Songkran in Thailand
  45. Finish a half marathon
  46. Have a whirlwind romance on the road
  47. See a ping pong show in Thailand
  48. Learn to Tango in Argentina
  49. Attend an MLB Game
  50. See the Pyramids of Giza
  51. Make the pilgrimage to Jerusalem
  52. Camp in the Amazon
  53. Travel with a caravan in the Sahara
  54. Spend at least a month biking or walking around a country
  55. Backpack in Australia
  56. Ride the Trans Siberian from Beijing to Moscow
  57. Ride in a hot air balloon
  58. Kayak through the Grand Canyon
  59. Walk along the Great Wall of China
  60. Make love to somebody who doesn’t speak my language
  61. Hike the Inca Trail and explore Machu Picchu
  62. Go skinny dipping
  63. Spend a weekend at a Buddhist retreat
  64. Be in a movie or on TV
  65. Catch, clean, and cook my own meal
  66. Build something with my own two hands
  67. Visit a hash café in Amsterdam
  68. Visit the Red Light District in Amsterdam
  69. Spend the night in a haunted location
  70. Make money busking
  71. Pack my life into a bag and buy a ticket going anywhere
  72. Make over $1000 for charity
  73. Attend a wrestling PPV
  74. Go to a swingers club
  75. Visit a nudist beach
  76. Spend a night in a castle
  77. Swim in the Mediterranean
  78. Go spelunking/caving
  79. Climb an active volcano
  80. See icebergs up close
  81. Jump off a cliff and into the ocean
  82. Go whitewater rafting
  83. See Angel Falls
  84. See Niagara Falls
  85. See Victoria Falls
  86. See Iguazu Falls
  87. Explore Pompeii
  88. Visit every European country
  89. Participate in a Flash Mob
  90. Visit all of the Wonders of the World
  91. Get a tattoo
  92. Visit the 10 Biggest Theme Parks in the World
  93. Visit Halong Bay
  94. Explore the Fjordlands National Park on foot
  95. Visit the Galapagos Islands
  96. Spend a week on the Grecian coast in a villa
  97. Visit the Blue Lagoon in Iceland
  98. Learn to ski
  99. Receive oral sex in a public place
  100. Have sex in a public place
  101. Start my own business
  102. Backpack in South America
  103. Visit Angkor Wat
  104. Visit Yellowstone
  105. Visit Yosemite
  106. Take a gondola ride in Venice
  107. Be complimented on my body
  108. Work a wrestling match
  109. Be in a real fight
  110. Give a eulogy
  111. Attend the Full Moon Party in Thailand
  112. Walk the Kakoda Trail in PNG
  113. Visit all of the ‘Stans
  114. Celebrate Chilean Independence Day in Chile
  115. Attend a 4th of July BBQ
  116. Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in Ireland
  117. Run a race on every inhabited continent
  118. Score the winning points in a game
  119. Go on a cruise
  120. Win money gambling in a casino
  121. Visit Siberia
  122. Brew my own beer
  123. Make my own wine
  124. Learn to do a standing flip or kip-up
  125. Shake a world leader’s hand
  126. Visit Kakadu
  127. Have an awesome costume for a Zombie Walk
  128. Attend a Sci-Fi or Comic Convention
  129. Spend a weekend on a country estate
  130. Have a romantic evening at an American fair
  131. Have a child
  132. Have a debauched boy’s weekend in a country other than my own
  133. Fly a plane
  134. See a chart topping band in concert
  135. Watch every Best Picture Academy Award Winner
  136. Sleep with somebody way out of my league
  137. Travel somewhere by river boat
  138. Tail-gate an American football game
  139. Eat poutine in Canada
  140. Have a lover from every continent
  141. Quit a job in a dramatic way
  142. Eat only things I cook for a month
  143. Get a six pack and/or killer biceps
  144. Have a penpal from another country and meet them
  145. Have a bar or coffee shop that my friends and I are regulars at
  146. Learn to light a fire
  147. Perform an obnoxious karaoke duet with a girlfriend
  148. Propose to a girl in an over the top way
  149. Attend the Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras
  150. Get rid of my credit card debt
  151. Ride a horse along the beach
  152. Overcome my fear of spiders
  153. Drift dive
  154. Meet real gypsies
  155. Eat haggis in Scotland
  156. Kiss a girl from every country in the world
  157. Spend a night in a hammock
  158. Go a month without internet
  159. Spot a celebrity
  160. Explore the Ruins of Petra
  161. Spend time in a war-torn country
  162. Attend Glastonbury
  163. Ride a train in India
  164. Visit the Himalayas
  165. Explore a Ghost Town
  166. Be treated like a VIP in a club
  167. Get a lap dance in a strip club
  168. See a tornado
  169. Explore San Francisco
  170. Go island hopping in the Caribbean
  171. Paint or sketch somebody’s portrait
  172. Find an gemstone and turn it into some kind of jewelry
  173. Attend a country music concert
  174. Record a song
  175. Organise and execute a romantic picnic
  176. Have sex on the beach
  177. Make a sex tape
  178. Learn to sing a song in another language
  179. Go hang-gliding
  180. Visit Transylvania in Romania
  181. Twins
  182. See Killer Whales in the Wild
  183. Go wreck-diving
  184. Participate in a protest
  185. Swim with dolphins in the wild
  186. Visit the Killing Fields
  187. See a meteor shower
  188. See a solar eclipse
  189. Go bungee jumping
  190. Have a drink thrown in my face/be slapped for being a cad
  191. Have something I do go viral
  192. Get a kiss from a celebrity
  193. Be the lead in a play
  194. Travel by helicopter
  195. Have a lover 10 years my junior
  196. Have a lover 10 years my senior
  197. Witness a tsunami
  198. Host a ridiculously big party
  199. Go on a cross-country road trip
  200. Get PADI Dive Master certified
  201. Get my driver’s license
  202. Celebrate Christmas in Bethlehem
  203. Chop my own firewood
  204. Scuba dive the Sardine Run
  205. Hike to Everest Base Camp
  206. Bike along the Rhine River
  207. Ride the world’s highest altitude train to Tibet
  208. Attend the Harbin Ice Festival
  209. See Hallelujah Avatar Mountain
  210. Hike through Jiuzhaigou
  211. Spend Christmas in Lapland
  212. Rough it in the Arctic
  213. Scuba dive on every continent
  214. Boat down the Nile
  215. Ride the Orient Express
  216. Pose for a sexy calendar for charity
  217. Become fluent in another language
  218. Have my writing published in hard form
  219. Have something published by Lonely Planet or Frommer’s
  220. See a tiger in the wild
  221. See pandas in the wild
  222. See the Big 5 in the wild
  223. See a blue whale in the wild
  224. See a bear in the wild
  225. See gorillas in the wild
  226. Harvest my own fruit and bake something with it
  227. See a geyser erupt
  228. Visit a genuine tribal village
  229. Start a travel blog
  230. Drive a lap in a race car
  231. Ride the Fremont Street zipline
  232. Go Christmas caroling
  233. Fire a gun
  234. Throw a grenade
  235. Join the Mile High Club
  236. Couchsurf
  237. Paratroop
  238. Drive across the Nullabor
  239. Swim with sharks
  240. Hold a snake
  241. Bathe in natural hot springs
  242. Walk the Milford Trek
  243. Spend a night in an igloo
  244. Stay in a capsule hotel
  245. Complete the Monopoly Pub Crawl
  246. Attend a live polo match
  247. Attend the Highland Games
  248. Visit a micronation
  249. Gamble in Monaco
  250. Visit the Berlin Wall
  251. Learn to make pasta in Italy
  252. Visit Paris
  253. Make use of the top sheet in a hostel
  254. Participate in Portland’s Naked Bike Ride
  255. Participate in the Polar Bear Plunge
  256. Participate in a sceance
  257. Cruise the Yangtze River
  258. See the Terra Cotta Warriors
  259. Visit all five of China’s Sacred Mountains
  260. See giant pandas in Sichuan province
  261. Attend a traditional black tie ball
  262. Swing dance with somebody
  263. Have a student contact me and thank me
  264. See one of my teams win a championship
  265. Visit Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre
  266. Meet Stephen King
  267. Park’ and make out like a teenager
  268. Go streaking
  269. Attend a traditional American kegger
  270. Celebrate Thanksgiving in the United States
  271. Travel the Silk Road
  272. See live jazz in Chicago
  273. Visit every Disney park
  274. Eat a Philly cheese steak in Philadelphia
  275. Eat blue crab in Maryland
  276. Eat gumbo in Louisiana
  277. Eat clam chowder in the US New England
  278. Visit Harakuju
  279. Attend the Manchester Derby or Merseyside Derby
  280. Learn to give a good full body massage
  281. Practice yoga in India
  282. Practice the kama sutra with a beautiful girl
  283. Attend a service for each of the major religions
  284. Make pottery to the sound of Unchained Melody
  285. Trek through the Andes on a donkey
  286. Visit Easter Island
  287. Visit Lord Howe Island
  288. Float in the Dead Sea
  289. Go rock climbing outside of a gym
  290. Go wakeboarding
  291. Go flyboarding
  292. Scuba dive the Big Blue Hole
  293. Jump into a fountain fully clothed
  294. Go Guerilla Camping
  295. Ride a tandem bike
  296. Have a two girl threesome
  297. Publish my poetry
  298. Try fire walking
  299. Have a wild weekend in Vegas
  300. Ride the Maiden of the Mists
  301. Play a game of full contact American football
  302. Eat dinner in a five star restaurant
  303. Stay in a five star hotel
  304. Snorkel Jellyfish Lake in Palau
  305. Get a promotion
  306. Go into low orbit
  307. Attend a live NFL game
  308. Attend a live NBA game
  309. Attend a live ESL game
  310. Attend a live EPL game
  311. Attend a live NHL game
  312. Participate in a Zombie Experience
  313. Complete the Overland Trek in Cradle Mountain National Park
  314. Revisit my childhood homes as an adult
  315. Revisit my childhood vacation spot as an adult
  316. Complete the Great North Walk
  317. Achieve a perfect week
  318. Visit Uluru
  319. Witness the Great Migration
  320. Work on a ranch or farm
  321. Spend a month or more at sea
  322. Fly First Class
  323. Visit all seven continents
  324. Attend a murder mystery dinner
  325. Abseil
  326. Go sandboarding
  327. Visit Shanghai
  328. Walk through Central Park
  329. Walk or ride across the Golden Gate Bridge
  330. Spend some time in a boardwalk town
  331. Visit the Goonies house in Astoria
  332. Visit the Grand Canyon
  333. Visit Zion National Park
  334. Finish a race
  335. Attend an NRL game
  336. Attend an AFL game
  337. Attend an international cricket match
  338. Attend an international football match
  339. Visit Maya Bay
  340. Visit the Doctor Who Museum
  341. Visit the Smithsonian
  342. Swim in a lake
  343. Visit all 50 US states
  344. Visit the Gateway Arch in Louisiana
  345. Travel the Mississipi by riverboat
  346. Kiss the Blarney Stone
  347. See the Mayan ruins on the Yucatan Peninsula
  348. Climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge
  349. Visit the Louvre
  350. See Big Ben
  351. Visit the Taj Mahal
  352. Scuba dive on the Great Barrier Reef
  353. Pose outside of Buckingham Palace
  354. See the Leaning Tower of Pisa
  355. Eat an authentic Chinese meal in a Chinese home
  356. Compete in a scavenger hunt
  357. Go zorbing
  358. Go zip lining
  359. Go black water rafting
  360. Climb a glacier
  361. Learn how to blow glass
  362. Try stand up paddle boarding
  363. Make money from my writing
  364. Successfully give up something for Lent
  365. Take a Quokka selfie
  366. Experience an earthquake
  367. See a volcanic eruption
  368. Go snowmobiling
  369. See the Giants Causeway
  370. Go on a Lord of the Rings tour in New Zealand
  371. Search for the Loch Ness Monster
  372. Spend New Year’s Eve in Sydney
  373. Visit the Red Square
  374. Kiss at the top of the Eiffel Tower
  375. Throw a coin in Trevi Fountain
  376. Learn to surf
  377. Ride a segway
  378. Visit Mount Fuji
  379. Visit Hiroshima
  380. Attend a traditional tea ceremony
  381. Ski in the Swiss Alps
  382. Spend a night in an ice hotel
  383. See a Cirque de Soleil show
  384. Teach English in another country
  385. Invest money in the stock market
  386. Enter a photography competition
  387. Spend a night in a tree house
  388. Visit Mount Rushmore
  389. Visit the White Cliffs of Dover
  390. Visit Neuschwanstein Castle
  391. Attend the ballet
  392. See Christ the Redeemer
  393. Visit Ground Zero
  394. Have a snow fight
  395. Attend La Tomatina
  396. Experience a dust storm
  397. Learn how to milk a cow
  398. Stand under a waterfall
  399. See the sun rise and set on the same day
  400. Ride in a horse and carriage
  401. Make a snowman
  402. Roll in a huge pile of leaves
  403. Receive fan mail
  404. Attend a high school reunion
  405. Learn calligraphy
  406. Publish an eBook
  407. Try acupuncture
  408. Have my tarot read
  409. Give a tarot reading
  410. Get a professional massage
  411. Be mistaken for being much younger than I am
  412. Try sensory deprivation
  413. Drink milk straight from a coconut
  414. Witness childbirth
  415. Visit the Napa Valley and go wine touring
  416. Eat an insect
  417. Eat fried tarantula
  418. Eat sannakji
  419. Eat drunk shrimp
  420. Eat balut
  421. Eat fondue
  422. Drink real absinthe
  423. Have a pisco sour in Peru
  424. Enter a food eating contest
  425. Perform as a clown at a party
  426. Play Santa at a party
  427. See a show in Las Vegas
  428. Make out at a drive-in movie
  429. Dance on a bar
  430. Attend a book signing
  431. Attend a Renaissance Festival
  432. Smash a guitar
  433. See sumo wrestling live
  434. Find something using a metal detector
  435. Learn how to curl
  436. Try skeet shooting
  437. Play paintball
  438. Learn how to fence
  439. Go sledding
  440. Ride in a tuk tuk
  441. Ride in a double decker bus
  442. Help start a festival
  443. Stand atop a lighthouse
  444. Have a romantic weekend at a B&B
  445. Pan for gold/Go fossicking
  446. Sing for a live audience
  447. Go stargazing
  448. Learn to appreciate wine
  449. Participate in speed dating
  450. Learn to play a musical instrument
  451. Live in a different country for a year
  452. Own a home
  453. Visit the Colosseum
  454. Visit the Hagia Sophia
  455. Visit the top of the Empire State Building
  456. See Komodo Dragons in the wild
  457. See a great white shark in the wild
  458. Attend the Carnival in Venice
  459. Witness the Cooper’s Hill Cheese Rolling Festival
  460. Attend Coachella
  461. Celebrate Chinese New Year in China
  462. Attend the Boryeong Mud Festival
  463. Attend the Up Helly Aa Fire Festival
  464. Witness the Pingxi Lantern Festival
  465. Go kayaking
  466. Go kite-surfing
  467. Attend the Alburquerque Balloon Festival
  468. Drink and dive at Rick’s Café
  469. See the tulips in bloom in Holland
  470. Travel the Karakorum Highway
  471. Road trip Australia’s east coast
  472. Ride on the Royal Scotsman
  473. Raft along the Li River in Yangshuo
  474. Visit Taiwan
  475. Visit North Korea
  476. Hike in Tiger Leaping Gorge
  477. Party on Ibiza
  478. Dive Schicheng
  479. Visit Abu Simbel
  480. Visit Sossusvlei
  481. Visit Bora Bora
  482. Spend a weekend on a desert island
  483. Climb the Heavenly Stairs
  484. Walk along the Walk of Fame in Los Angeles
  485. Ride in an airboat
  486. Fly in a wingsuit
  487. Be in a live studio audience
  488. See a polar bear in the wild
  489. Boat down the Amazon river
  490. Attend the Camel Cup in Alice Springs
  491. Attend the Melbourne Cup
  492. Participate in the Darwin Beer Regatta or the Henley on Todd Regatta
  493. Attend a music festival
  494. Visit the Chapel of Bones
  495. Visit the Sedlec Ossuary
  496. Visit St. George’s Church
  497. Roam the catacombs beneath Paris
  498. Visit the Hill of Crosses
  499. Explore Son Doong Cave
  500. Visit Leap’s Castle
  501. Visit Kolmanskop
  502. Visit Tuol Sleng
  503. Visit the Winchester Mystery House
  504. Drive Clinton Road
  505. Visit Meteora
  506. Explore the Arashiyama Bamboo Forest
  507. See the rice terraces of Mu Cang Chai
  508. Visit Monument Valley
  509. Visit the Plitvice Lakes
  510. See the lavender fields of Provence
  511. Explore the Batu Caves
  512. Go ballooning over Cappadocia
  513. Visit St Basil’s
  514. Go volcano surfing
  515. Visit the Forbidden City
  516. Take a cruise on Milford Sound
  517. Pamper myself at a spa day
  518. Attend a holistic retreat
  519. Sail in a tallship
  520. Go deep sea fishing
  521. Go fly-fishing
  522. Go wind-surfing
  523. Go parasailing
  524. Run an obstacle course
  525. Fly a stunt plane with U Fly Xtreme
  526. Visit Graceland
  527. Go tidal bore rafting on the Bay of Fundy
  528. Eat century eggs
  529. Drive the Savannah Way
  530. Try my hand at motorcross
  531. Look for treasure on Oak Island
  532. Attend El Classico
  533. Attend a rugby league game in Papua New Guinea
  534. Visit the site of the Halifax Explosion
  535. Ride the ten tallest roller coasters on earth
  536. Attend a lady boy show
  537. Visit Ayutthaya
  538. Visit Angkor Thom
  539. Visit the oldest manmade structures in Brittany
  540. Stand beside Hadrian’s Wall
  541. Visit the Crazy House in Vietnam
  542. Visit the Lotus Temple
  543. Run in the Bay to Breakers
  544. Run in the City 2 Surf
  545. Run in the Disney half marathon
  546. Run in an obstacle race (Warrior Run/Tough Mudder etc)
  547. Run in the Beer Belly Run
  548. Get my name on a wall for completing a food challenge
  549. Bathe in the Ganges
  550. Visit the Boudhanath Stupa
  551. Visit Bhutan
  552. Climb up to Tiger’s Nest
  553. Visit Hue in Vietnam
  554. Visit Bagan
  555. Bathe an elephant at the Elephant Nature Park
  556. Visit the Gion district and experience geisha culture
  557. Explore Tokyo
  558. Explore London
  559. Shop in the Grand Bazaar
  560. Visit the Sognefjord
  561. Bathe in a Turkish bathhouse
  562. Drink a beer at the world’s highest beer garden
  563. Visit the Acropolis
  564. Attend the Grand Prix
  565. Explore Bruges
  566. See my reflection upon Salar de Uyuni
  567. Swing at Banos
  568. Visit the Atacama Desert
  569. See the Nazca Lines from above
  570. Eat churassco in Brazil
  571. Go on a wine tour of France
  572. Visit the Falkland Islands
  573. Hike the Torres del Paine
  574. Walk the El Camino
  575. Visit Madagascar
  576. Stay at an all inclusive resort in Mexico
  577. Climb the Perito Merino Glacier
  578. Go on a hiking safari
  579. Attend the Olympic Games
  580. Attend the Calgary Stampede
  581. Barter in the Djmaa el Fna
  582. Go on a canoe safari
  583. Visit the Bazaruto Archipelago
  584. Visit Mombasa
  585. Visit Marrakech
  586. Visit Cartagena
  587. Visit Port Arthur
  588. View the Matterhorn from Zermatt
  589. Explore Palawan
  590. Drive Big Sur
  591. Eat deep dish pizza in Chicago
  592. Eat sushi in Japan
  593. Eat kimchi in Korea
  594. Eat Korean BBQ in Korea
  595. Drink snake wine
  596. Eat surstromming
  597. Drive across the USA
  598. Drive across Canada
  599. Drive across China
  600. Eat real ramen in Japan
  601. Visit Westminster Abbey
  602. Walk across the Brooklyn Bridge
  603. Visit Kronenberg Castle
  604. See the Chicago Cubs at Wrigley Field
  605. Visit the Roman Baths in Bath
  606. Attend Wimbledon
  607. Attend a State of Origin game
  608. Experiment with food in the bedroom
  609. Get kinkg with some BDSM
  610. Visit La Push Beach
  611. Attend an Ashes test match
  612. Boat along the Mekong River
  613. Visit Ngorogoro Crater
  614. Cross the Oresund Bridge
  615. Visit the Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve
  616. Eat a Cornish pasty in Cornwall
  617. Visit the Zhangye Danxia mountains
  618. Visit Hitachi Seaside Park during spring
  619. Go dragon boat racing
  620. See Mount Roraima
  621. Bathe in the Sea of Stars
  622. Stand on Trolltunga
  623. Visit the Whitsundays
  624. Walk through Antelope Canyon
  625. Visit Fingal’s Cave
  626. Visit Kamchatkha Peninsula
  627. Visit the Cenotes
  628. Explore the Mendenhall Caves
  629. Hike the Oneonta Gorge
  630. Visit the Watkins Glen National Park
  631. Swim in the Hamilton Pool
  632. See Horseshoe Bend
  633. See Thor’s Well in action
  634. Visit Savannah
  635. Visit Glacier National Park
  636. Surf in Hawaii
  637. Sleep in an underground hotel
  638. See the 12 Apostles and the Great Ocean Road
  639. Visit the Tasmanian Museum of Old & New Art
  640. Explore Melbourne
  641. Go whale-watching
  642. Walk the Bondi to Coogee
  643. Ride the Ghan or the Indian Pacific
  644. Camp in the Snowy Mountains
  645. Attend the Country Music Festival
  646. Take the Manly Ferry
  647. Swim in the Katherine Gorges
  648. Take a boat down the Murray-Darling
  649. Camp in the Australian Outback
  650. See the flowers bloom in the Simpson Desert
  651. Go to the top of the Burj Khalifa
  652. Go on a brewery crawl
  653. Explore Prague
  654. Explore the Kimberleys
  655. Cage dive with great white sharks
  656. Visit Arnhem Land
  657. Attend a WWE event at Madison Square Garden
  658. Attend Wrestlemania
  659. Visit Hofburg Palace
  660. Visit the Brandenburg Gate
  661. Explore the World War II tunnels under Dover Castle
  662. Swim with manatees in the wild
  663. Visit Kruger National Park
  664. Attend the Cannes Film Festival
  665. Attend South by Southwest
  666. Visit Hell’s Gate National Park
  667. See the flamingos at Lake Bogoria
  668. Dine at The Rock Restaurant in Zanzibar
  669. Go on a cocktail tour of New York City
  670. Spend the night in an underwater hotel
  671. Drink at The Clinic Bar
  672. Drink at Ozone Bar in Hong Kong
  673. Motorcycle the Cabot Trail
  674. Take a train across Canada
  675. Visit Lake Eyre
  676. See the Three Sisters
  677. Spend the night in a ryokan
  678. Visit the Micronesian ruins
  679. Participate in the Mongol Rally
  680. Practice falcony
  681. Practice archery
  682. Learn how to make good coffee
  683. Spend a week living like people from another time
  684. Learn how to sword fight
  685. Do a keg-stand
  686. Ride a cable car in San Francisco
  687. Ride the London Eye
  688. Visit the Anne Frank Museum
  689. Go on a ghost tour
  690. See a play on the West End
  691. Visit every Australian state
  692. Get hypnotised
  693. Dine in the Dark
  694. Explore a hedge maze
  695. Visit a haunted house/corn field
  696. Explore a mirror maze
  697. Eat Belgian chocolate in Belgium
  698. Land in a sea plane
  699. Go indoor sky-diving
  700. Take a bartending class
  701. Take a photography class
  702. Perform a magic trick
  703. Learn how to pick pockets
  704. Learn how to play Chess
  705. Go snowmobiling
  706. Ride a camel
  707. Ride an elephant
  708. Write and perform a song
  709. Write and share poetry
  710. Go hunting
  711. Attend the World Cup
  712. Attend the Super Bowl
  713. Celebrate Queen’s Day in the Netherlands
  714. Visit Singapore
  715. Visit Dubai
  716. Visit Hong Kong
  717. Visit every country
  718. Smoke legal weed in the US
  719. Visit the Country Music Hall of Fame in Nashville
  720. Go on a blind date
  721. Attend a dress up movie or theatre event
  722. Visit the Game of Thrones sites
  723. Try a canyon swing
  724. Make breakfast in bed for a significant other
  725. Dye Easter eggs
  726. Stay in a hut on the beach
  727. Holiday on a house boat
  728. Visit Jiufen
  729. Visit the Ghibli Museum
  730. Start a podcast
  731. Launch a YouTube channel
  732. Win something at auction
  733. Win a bet at the races
  734. Attend a NASCAR event at Talladega
  735. Play a round of golf on a PGA tour course
  736. Attend an F1 event
  737. Go on a winery tour
  738. Go on a food crawl
  739. Ask out a woman I’ve just met
  740. Go on a police ridealong
  741. Save a life
  742. Learn a martial art
  743. Take obnoxious couple photos
  744. Start my own magazine
  745. Fly Business Class
  746. Take a life drawing class
  747. Attend a cricket match in India
  748. Attend Space Camp
  749. Climb the Stairway to Heaven
  750. Tackle the Bourbon Trail
  751. Canoe in the Boundary Waters
  752. Tour the Biltmore Estate
  753. Visit an Amish community
  754. Visit the Titan Missile Museum
  755. Kayak Long Island Sound
  756. Scuba dive the Florida Keys
  757. Go crabbing
  758. Attend an Anzac Day Dawn Service
  759. See a redwood in the flesh
  760. See the Little Mermaid
  761. Ride a Vespa in Rome
  762. Attend a Christmas market in Europe
  763. Ride the Glacier Express
  764. Visit Lake Bled
  765. Experience a midnight sun
  766. Visit the Kremlin
  767. Visit Tianenman Square
  768. Hike the Algiers
  769. Visit the Kigali Memorial Centre
  770. Be a contestant on a game show
  771. Visit the Sertar Buddhist Academy
  772. See the Aurora Australis
  773. Drink vodka in Russia
  774. Drink a caipirinha in Brazil
  775. Drink sangria in Spain
  776. Drink soju in South Korea
  777. Drink whisky in Scotland
  778. Drink sake in Japan
  779. Drink ouzo in Greece
  780. Drink tequila in Mexico
  781. Drink champagne in France
  782. Attend a champagne breakfast
  783. Drink schnapse in Germany
  784. Drink kava in Fiji
  785. Have a Singapore Sling at Raffles Bar in Singapore
  786. Drink Guinness in Ireland
  787. See the Crown Jewels
  788. Attend a TBEX event
  789. Visit a Chinese water town
  790. Spend a night in the Lizzie Borden House
  791. Visit Luna Park
  792. Scuba dive The Wall
  793. Visit Stull, Kansas
  794. Visit Jejudo
  795. Attend the Jinju Lantern Festival
  796. See drift racing in Japan
  797. Visit the Big Banana
  798. Visit the Big Pineapple
  799. Visit the Big Merino
  800. Visit the Big Sundial
  801. Visit the Big Lobster
  802. Visit the Dog on the Tuckerbox
  803. Get on Google Maps
  804. Visit Meteor Crater, Arizona
  805. Visit Wolfe Creek Crater
  806. Talk my way out of a ticket
  807. Holiday in the Maldives
  808. Visit Hampi
  809. Visit Los Glaciares National Park
  810. Visit the Cave of the Crystals
  811. Attend an opera
  812. Attend a Beijing opera
  813. Visit Lake Baikal
  814. Visit the Fairy Pools
  815. Tag something (graffiti)
  816. Volunteer abroad after a disaster
  817. Take a couple photo in the Tunnel of Love
  818. Dive to the Christ of the Abyss
  819. Visit the Playa de las Catedrales
  820. Visit the Gateway to Hell
  821. Safari on the Okavango Delta
  822. Visit Sol de Manana
  823. Visit Namsto
  824. Eat escargot in France
  825. Participate in a Colour Run
  826. Participate in a LARP experience
  827. Cosplay at a convention
  828. Visit Karnak
  829. Visit the Valley of the Kings
  830. Spend a night in the Burj Al Arab
  831. Shear a sheep
  832. Go ice fishing
  833. Experience a storm while at sea
  834. Jump off a waterfall
  835. Get down to my ideal weight
  836. Go on set for a movie
  837. Visit the Statue of Liberty
  838. Visit Times Square
  839. Drive a porsche
  840. Drive a ferrari
  841. Drive a lamborgini
  842. Witness the Hong Kong Harbour Lights Show
  843. Visit the D-Day Beaches in Normandy
  844. Visit the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque
  845. Visit Alcatraz
  846. Visit Saint Basil’s Cathedral
  847. Climb Mount Kilimanjaro
  848. Climb Mount Koscuiozko
  849. Hike in the Daintree Rainforest
  850. Visit the Stockman’s Hall of Fame
  851. Visit the Pinnacles in WA
  852. Attend the Australian Celtic Festival
  853. Stand at Australia’s northernmost point
  854. Attend a match at the MCG
  855. Ride on Puffing Billy
  856. Attend a comedy festival
  857. Attend a stand up show
  858. Take a ride in a jetboat
  859. Learn to skateboard
  860. Learn to snowboard
  861. Attend a 7s or 9s tournament
  862. Play in a sporting tournament
  863. See a kiwi in the wild
  864. See a moose in the wild
  865. Attend a Royal Rumble
  866. Attend a Japanese wrestling show
  867. Attend a lucha wrestling show
  868. Attend an indy wrestling show
  869. Design and produce my own board/card game
  870. Design and publish my own RPG
  871. Get paid to act
  872. See a show at the Opera House
  873. Eat a meal at a Michelen star rated restaurant
  874. Attend a cocktail party
  875. Eat Mexican food in Mexico
  876. Ride in a rickshaw
  877. Play laser tag
  878. Win a championship with a team
  879. Complete a Bachelor’s Degree
  880. Complete a Master’s Degree
  881. Work behind a bar
  882. Work in hospitality
  883. Work in retail
  884. Work in a call centre
  885. Work in an office
  886. Work in tourism
  887. Work in construction
  888. Attend the Commonwealth Games
  889. Attend the NRL Grand Final
  890. Attend a West Ham game
  891. Eat Beijing duck in Beijing
  892. Go caravaning around a country
  893. Visit the Wizarding World of Harry Potter
  894. Visit Universal Studios
  895. View hipsters in their natural habitat
  896. Become an uncle
  897. Become a grandparent
  898. Become a godparent
  899. Foster a child in need
  900. Sponsor a child
  901. Participate in an event to raise money for charity
  902. Stream myself gaming on Twitch TV
  903. Have a charicature of me drawn
  904. Pose for a life drawing class
  905. Have professional photos taken of me
  906. Have sex so many times in one day that it hurts
  907. Have sex in a room other than the bedroom
  908. Have sex in the back seat
  909. Have an article published in a newspaper or magazine
  910. See a ghost
  911. See a UFO
  912. Explore the Scottish Highlands
  913. Visit the Sea of Trees
  914. Visit the Black Forest
  915. Explore the Olympic National park
  916. Visit a sauna
  917. Jump into a frozen lake
  918. Visit Alcazar
  919. Go ice skating
  920. Visit Mont Saint-Michel
  921. Visit the Alhambra
  922. Visit Ephesus
  923. Climb to the top of St. Paul’s Cathedral
  924. Visit the Blue Mosque
  925. Visit Capitol Hill
  926. Go to a techno club in Berlin
  927. Make a kick ass care package
  928. Ring in New Year’s with a kiss
  929. Woo a girl on the dancefloor
  930. Play spin the bottle
  931. Win a game of beer pong
  932. Sell a photo/Get paid to take photos
  933. Save an animal’s life
  934. Spend Christmas abroad
  935. Jump off a boat and into the water
  936. Tube down a river
  937. Climb Mount Rainier
  938. Ride all 17 coasters at Cedar Point
  939. Visit the Kennedy Space Centre
  940. Drink tungpa in Nepal
  941. Drink airag in Mongolia
  942. Drink elephant dung coffee in Cambodia
  943. Drink tea in India
  944. Eat only bacon products for a day
  945. Drink dugh in Afghanistan
  946. Celebrate 420 in Amsterdam
  947. Drink banana gin in Uganda
  948. Have a sundowner in South Africa
  949. Cook a three or more course meal for people
  950. Hold a fancy dinner party
  951. Visit the Indian Sculpture Park
  952. Attend the Henley-on-Todd Regata
  953. Visit the Titanic Museum in Belfast
  954. Go on an archaeological dig
  955. Be super cheesy on Valentine’s Day
  956. Visit the San Diego Zoo
  957. Take a yoga class somewhere beautiful
  958. Cross the intersection at Abbey Road
  959. Be front row for a concert
  960. Go horseback riding
  961. Attend a boxing match
  962. Solve a rubix cube
  963. See the whirling dervishes
  964. See the Sistine Chapel
  965. Visit the Wailing Wall
  966. Eat blowfish
  967. Visit the Blue Grotto
  968. Visit Ferrari World
  969. Go skiing in Dubai
  970. Attend the Stanley Cup final
  971. Get my body painted
  972. Travel with my little brother
  973. Attend the UEFA Champions League Final
  974. Attend the Rugby Union World Cup
  975. Attend the Rugby League World Cup
  976. Safari on the Serengeti
  977. Receive a love letter
  978. Photograph somebody in the nude
  979. Go on a pub crawl
  980. Stay in a hostel
  981. Go on a press trip
  982. Travel with all of my family members
  983. Ride in a limo
  984. Attend the Edinburgh Tattoo
  985. Learn to square dance
  986. Attend the Mass Games in North Korea
  987. Have an academic article published
  988. Sit on a jury
  989. Catch a ball at a baseball or cricket match
  990. Ride on a bull machine
  991. Coach a sports team
  992. Be in a musical
  993. Holiday in a seaside or lakeside cottage
  994. Kiss somebody under mistletoe
  995. Perform a (hopefully) sexy strip tease
  996. Get picked up at the airport by somebody with my name on a sign
  997. Go glamping
  998. Go hot tubbing in the cold
  999. Ride in a submarine
  1000. Successfully complete NANOWRIMO
  1001. See the underground river at Puerto Princesa
  1002. Go on a date with a girl from every US state